To begin, let me stipulate that under no circumstances is the Froth Daddy/Froth Mummy title mean't to be used sexually or contain any sexual innuendo. Its origins are as follows:

Have you ever ordered a great cappuccino? I mean, a really great cappuccino? One where the froth has a perfect texture and consistency. The chocolate on top simply complements the Froth, such that when you take your first sip, you are slurping rather than sipping. The origins of Froth Daddy and Froth Mummy are intertwined in such an experience. That is to say, there are no words that can be conjured to express the excellence of the Froth. However, in reality, the word "froth" - suffices in every aspect.

Thus, the connotation that follows is one which is supremely positive. It is "legendary", "exquisite" and "superfluous" embedded in the one word - Froth! Hencefroth, yes, froth, not forth, applying it to a special individual, a good mate, a partner, your mum or dad simply rolls off the tongue. When the title is applied, it means they are a legend and a loved one simultaneously.

To fellow citizens, you now know the origins of the Froth Daddy and Froth Mummy. To my Froth Daddy and Froth Mummys, let me conclude by saying - may the Froth be with you.

- Johannes Carapiet Michaelian